Heaven (1) – Where Are They Now?

This is one of those Where-Were-You-When-It-Happened moments.

I was too young to understand the massive outpouring of grief when Elvis died.

But I did when Princess Diana passed away… the princess whose fairy-tale wedding was celebrated and whose death was mourned by millions around the world.

I could imagine how the fans felt with Michael Jackson’s demise.

Only a few days ago, another celebrity was added to the list of notable personalities whose passing could perhaps be deemed as premature. Whitney Houston was only 48.

There seemed to be some parallels between Whitney and Elvis.

Elvis Presley attended church as a child. Whitney Houston was raised as a Baptist.
Both rose to meteoric heights in the music industry because of their amazing voices.
Elvis used drugs; Whitney went down the same path as well.
Both died suddenly in their forties.

When Whitney made her debut, her clean-cut image and expressions of faith and gratitude to God were like a breath of fresh air.

I could only hope then that she would not fall into the trappings of fame and wealth.

But as we now know, it was not to be.

There was a torrent of tributes on various media, and I found this on the internet:

Also available on the internet was a mobile phone recording of Whitney’s last song in public. The song was “Yes, Jesus Loves Me”. It was not an official performance, but this may bear hope that despite what had happened in her life, she did find an opportunity to get right and restore her relationship with God while she still had the time.

Because of her Christian heritage, many naturally would think or want to believe that Whitney has gone home to be with the Lord.

Let’s hold that thought for now…

to be continued…

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